Strengthening of the Organization

Promotion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

The PARK24 GROUP believes that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) involves creating an organizational culture that allows employees to enthusiastically work while respecting one another and accepting nationality, age, gender, perspectives, characteristics, and other individual diversity. We are working on a variety of initiatives to promote DEI across the Group, including the active sharing of information and training centered around a specialized department established in 2021.

Internal Spread of DEI

In our level-specific training, which includes new employee training and training for those in managerial roles, we offer internal education on established fundamental DEI perspectives and case studies. We are also working to enhance our promotion of the spreading of information internally by regularly sharing information over our intranet.

Consultations and Seminars

We hold regular consultations and seminars on childcare and nursing care, such as the 'Maternity Leave Consultation', the 'Babysitting Support System Consultation' and the 'Support Seminar for Balancing Work and Nursing Care'.

Establishment of Consultation Services

We established DEI advice hotline internally to handle a wide range of consultations on DEI, including consultations related to childcare and caregiving.

Establish a comfortable working environment and human resource systems

Choice of Diverse Working Styles

The Group has introduced various work-style options, such as a flextime system, variable working hours, and a shift work system. We have also introduced structures to allow for reduced working hours for employees who are caring for children or relatives, recovering from an illness or injury, or attending educational courses. Also included is a system that allows employees to take paid leave in units of one hour. We also established a stock time off system, allowing employees to use up to 60 days of expired time off as paid vacation. By creating an environment that both accommodates diversity-based individual career paths and enhances motivation, we are helping employees achieve their full potential.

Support Programs According to Life Stage

We are working to create and expand support for programs to allow employees to select from a variety of working styles to suit life stages and individual life plans, including childcare and caregiving. We have introduced a variety of programs, including the fertility treatment support program to support the balancing of work and fertility treatments, the support program for baby sitter users and the childcare support program for sick children to assist with fees needed for baby sitter use, and parental leave, offering a portion of childcare leave paid.

The Group’s Single Human Resource Management System

The PARK24 GROUP introduced a single human resource management system in November 2018, after reviewing human resource exchange and transfer the different human resource management systems and work schedules within the Group . We are working to develop human resource with broad perspectives by allowing them to have working experience at companies with different services and perspectives.

Promoting employee health

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