Corporate History

  • 1971 Aug.

    Nishikawa Shokai Co., Ltd. is established at Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Capital is 1 million yen. Its business is the manufacturing, design and construction, and distribution of parking equipment.

  • 1971 Nov.

    The Company concludes a parking lock distributionship agreement with Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.

  • 1985 Aug.

    The parking facilities maintenance and operation division of Nishikawa Shokai is spun off, and Park24 is established at Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Capital is 10 million yen.

  • 1991 Dec.

    The Company opens the first 24-hour unmanned hourly parking facility, Times Ueno, in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

  • 1992 May

    The Company establishes Times24 Co., Ltd. (currently Times Service Co., Ltd.).

  • 1993 Aug.

    Nishikawa Shokai transfers all its business to Park24 and is dissolved.

  • 1997 Mar.

    The stock is registered for OTC trading with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

  • 1998 Aug.

    The Company registers August 9 as Parking Day.

  • 1998 Nov.

    The Company establishes Times Service Co., Ltd.

  • 1999 Apr.

    The stock is listed on the Second Section of the TSE.

  • 2000 Jan.

    The Company establishes Drivers Net Co., Ltd. (currently Times Communication Co., Ltd.).

  • 2000 Apr.

    The stock is listed on the First Section of the TSE.

  • 2001 Sep.

    The Company establishes TPF1 Limited and completes the first securitization of parking assets (Times parking facilities) in Japan.

  • 2003 Nov.

    Times24 merges with Times Service Co., Ltd. and changes its business name to Times Service Co., Ltd.

  • 2006 Mar.

    The Company establishes the joint venture GS Park24 Co., Ltd. in South Korea.
    *All shares held by the Company were transferred to GS Retail CO., LTD. (South Korea) in September 2021.

  • 2006 Apr.

    The Company establishes the Taipei Branch (currently PARK24 TAIWAN CO., LTD.) in Taiwan.

  • 2007 June

    The Company makes TPF1 Limited special purpose companies, its consolidated subsidiaries.

  • 2007 Oct.

    The Company relocates its head office to Yurakucho in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  • 2007 Nov.

    The name Drivers Net Co., Ltd. changes to Times Communication Co., Ltd.

  • 2008 June

    TAIWAN PARK24 PARKING (established in April 2008) (currently PARK24 TAIWAN CO., LTD.) takes over business in Taipei from the Taipei Branch.

  • 2008 Nov.

    The Company acquires shares of ITS Business Applications, Inc.

  • 2009 Mar.

    The Company acquires shares of MAZDA CAR RENTAL(currently TIMES MOBILITY CO.,LTD.).

  • 2009 Apr.

    Times Communication Co.,Ltd acquires shares of Times Support Co., Ltd.

  • 2010 Dec.

    The Company establishes Times24 Co., Ltd.

  • 2011 Mar.

    The Company holds all shares of TPF 3 Limited, which holds all shares of Rescue Network Co., Ltd.(currently Times Communication Co., Ltd.).

  • 2011 May

    The Company transfers its Parking Business to Times24 in a demerger and becomes a pure holding company.

  • 2011 June

    The name MAZDA CAR RENTAL changes to Times Mobility Networks Co.,Ltd.

  • 2012 Nov.

    The name Rescue Network Co.,Ltd. changes to Times Rescue Co.,Ltd.

  • 2013 Dec.

    The Company merges with ITS Business Planning Co., Ltd.

  • 2015 July

    The Company establishes Times Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.

  • 2016 Dec.

    • The Company establishes PARK24 AUSTRALIA PTY LTD in Australia.
    • The Company establishes PARK24 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. in Singapore.
    • The Company establishes PARK24 MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. in Malaysia.
  • 2017 Jan.

    The company aquires shares of Secure Parking Pty.Ltd and other two companies, which operate parking business mainly in Oceania/Asia regions, through the three companies established in Dec. 2016.

  • 2017 May

    The company reorganized from a Times Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. to a Times Innovation Capital LLC

  • 2017 July

    The Company establishes PARK24 UK LIMITE (currently PARK24 INTERNATIONAL LIMITED) in UK.

  • 2017 Aug.

    The Company aquires shares of National Car Parks Limited, which operates parking business mainly in UK, through PARK24 UK LIMITED established in July. 2017.

  • 2018 Jan.

    • The Company merges with TPF1 Limited.
    • Times Communication Co., Ltd. integrates Times Rescue Co., Ltd. and TPF3 Limited which holds all shares of Times Rescue Co., Ltd.
    • The Company establishes Park24 Business Support Co., Ltd. and transfers a part of the business of Times Communication Co., Ltd.
  • 2019 May

    The Company relocates its head office to Nishigotanda in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

  • 2019 Nov.

    • TIMES24 CO., LTD. transfers its car sharing business to TIMES MOBILITY NETWORKS CO., LTD., and the name TIMES MOBILITY NETWORKS CO., LTD., changes to TIMES MOBILITY CO., LTD.
    • The name TAIWAN PARK24 PARKING CO., LTD. changes to PARK24 TAIWAN CO., LTD.
  • 2021 Aug.

  • 2022 Oct.

    • SECURE PARKING CORPORATION SDN. BHD., which operates in Malaysia, changes its company name to TIMES24 MALAYSIA SDN. BHD.
    • SECURE PARKING SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., which operates in Singapore, changes its company name to TIMES24 SINGAPORE PTE.
  • 2024 Feb.