Message from the Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee

We believe that the transportation infrastructure service we provide has high social value.
For example, parking services address the social issue of parking space shortages while helping to reduce traffic congestion caused by illegal on-street parking as well as CO2 emissions generated by traffic congestion. Parking services increase the number of "places" for parking , while mobility services increase the number of "vehicles" being utilized, resulting in a true circular economy.

We are keenly aware that as well as achieving sustainable growth by enhancing the value of the services we provide, incorporating a sustainability perspective into our business management practices is part of our corporate social responsibility. The Sustainability Committee was established in March 2021 for this purpose. The Committee formulated the Sustainability Policy and related policies for each area, identified materialities (key issues), and set medium- to long-term sustainability targets. Theme-based subcommittees have now been formed to promote specific group-wide initiatives that will help the Sustainability Committee to achieve its goals.​

Communication with our stakeholders is another important element of our sustainability efforts. We are committed to fostering greater awareness and understanding of the PARK24 GROUP's ideas and policies among many stakeholders, including employees, business partners, and shareholders. To achieve this, we engage in extensive communication efforts such as disseminating information about the GROUP's activities, conducting surveys, and organizing events that facilitate the direct exchange of ideas, to inspire collaboration in achieving our shared goals.

We will continue to communicate with our stakeholders to achieve sustainable corporate growth and a sustainable environment and society.

Takao Miki,
Director, Senior Corporate Officer,