Parking Service

Business models

The following is an explanation of the business models for “sub-lease” and “facility management” type hourly parking facilities and reservation-only parking.

Hourly parking facilities

We operate hourly parking facilities both in Japan and overseas. We have a wide range of experience, from parking facilities that utilize idle land to parking facilities for visitors of commercial facilities, government offices and hospitals, as well as the standalone parking facilities we have developed in-house.

Locking plate-controlled parking facilities
Gate-controlled parking facilities
Number plate recognition parking facilities
Visitor parking facilities
Parking facilities developed in-house

Reserved parking

Hourly parking facilities that can be reserved in advance

At some Times PARKING locations such as airport parking facilities, we offer a reservation service for hourly parking spaces.
Reservations are accepted over the Internet (the reservation website only supports Japanese).

Reservation-only parking

Times PARKING B is a reservation service that matches a landowner who wants to utilize idle land or space with a driver who wants to make sure they have a parking space at a travel destination or elsewhere.

Monthly parking

In addition to directly managed monthly parking facilities, The PARK24 GROUP handles monthly parking as an intermediary.
We also operate monthly parking facilities for motorcycles.

Monthly parking
Monthly parking(motorcycles)

Parking facilities for non-passenger vehicles

Large vehicles

The PARK24 GROUP operates dedicated parking facilities for large vehicles such as buses.
At some dedicated bus parking facilities, reservations for use are accepted in advance over the internet.
(The reservation website only supports Japanese)

Motorcycles and bicycles

The PARK24 GROUP operates motorcycle parking facilities and bicycle parking facilities around urban train stations, shopping streets, commercial facilities and similar locations.

Motorcycle parking
Bicycle parking

Overseas parking facilities

Overseas, The PARK24 GROUP mainly operates hourly parking facilities similar to Japan, but we also operate some parking facilities according to systems unique to each country.

Patrolled parking facilities

The PARK24 GROUP operates patrolled parking facilities, where a car equipped with a number plate-reading camera patrols parking facilities on a set schedule and charges any vehicles parked longer than a set time.
(Countries with patrolled parking facilities: Australia and New Zealand)

Patrolled parking facilities
Car equipped with a number plate-reading camera

Pay & Display parking

The PARK24 GROUP operates prepaid pay-and-display type parking facilities. Users pay for the length of time they expect to be parked.
Inspectors patrol the parking facilities and check the receipts placed on vehicle dashboards or elsewhere. If a car is parked beyond the planned time, a fine is levied.
(Countries with pay-and-display parking: U.K., Australia, New Zealand)

Prepayment machine
Receipt displayed on a dashboard