Customer Responsibility

Ensuring Safety in Services

Development of a manual for the design of parking facilities

To ensure that our parking facilities will be used safely and comfortably, we have formulated the Times Manual, and open and manage parking facilities based on this manual. The manual establishes our standards for equipment in parking facilities, layouts of parking spaces and others.

System of rigid vehicle management for safe driving

TIMES MOBILITY CO., LTD. offers services and engages in safety management for vehicles used for Times CAR (car sharing and rental car services). Our internal department supervising the vehicles will deal responsibly with motor vehicle inspections, statutory inspections and accidents.

High service quality

To ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our group's services range from field work such as maintenance, cleaning, and emergency response for parking and mobility vehicles, to call centers for inquiries, to service systems provided to customers and service term systems. All of this is managed centrally within our group.
By integrating all services from upstream to downstream within the group, we are able to accumulate know-how and data within the group, enabling us to share information quickly, improve services, and create new services, thereby maintaining high service quality.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

We consider customer opinions to be a valuable asset, and we share received comments and requests internally and utilize them to create new services and improve existing ones.  As we offer many of our services without any employees present, we gather customers' opinions through a variety of methods, and in doing so, we seek to realize services that are truly desired.
Specifically, we connect with our customers directly via our contact center (TIMES COMMUNICATION CO., LTD.), and by implementing a survey on contact center satisfaction twice a year, we strive to correctly understand customer inquiries for each service and provide accurate information, while also working to improve customer satisfaction.
In recent years, we have received many comments regarding Times CAR, leading to the addition of a variety of useful functionality.

Examples of Services Implemented Based on Customer Comments

Parking Services

1) Development of Camera-operated Parking Facilities(別窓で開く) (November 2022)

We are moving forward with the development of the next generation of parking facilities that can be more conveniently used with greater ease. As a part of this development, we have developed camera-operated parking facilities at full-scale after receiving many requests from commercial facilities and partner companies. Camera-operated parking facilities feature a system to manage parked cars without flaps or gate devices. This is done by installing cameras, and in doing so, it reduces congestion when entering and exiting parking facilities, as well as making it possible to realize a wide-range of services through the use of license plates.

2) Development of Reservation-based Times PARKING B(別窓で開く) Parking Facilities (August 2016)

Our group manages reservation-based Times PARKING B parking facilities. In addition to the goal of improving our parking services, we developed this service based on the many requests from customers who wished to reserve parking spaces. Times PARKING B is a membership-based parking service that matches land owners who want to effectively utilize empty land with drivers who wish to park with certainty at their destination, etc. Customers reserve and use empty parking spaces registered by parking space managers and land owners who own parking spaces at homes, shops, and other buildings.

3)Use of Times Points(別窓で開く) for Service Usage Fees (August 2016)

All Times CLUB(別窓で開く) members earn Times POINTS when they use our services. The earned Times POINTS could already be used for gift certificates and coupons, but there were requests from customers, and now, these points can also be used when paying for Times PARKING, Times CAR, and other group services, at a rate of 1 point = ¥1.

Mobility Services

1) Web-based Digitalization of Times CAR(別窓で開く) Application Process (March 2019)

There are a variety of ways to join Times CAR to meet customer needs. We specifically received many requests to digitize the application process and take it online from corporate customers. This allows customers to easily and smoothly complete the application process online, leading to greater convenience and more corporate customers joining the program.

2) Door Opening Function for Times CAR(別窓で開く) (April 2015)

If a customer realizes they forgot something in the car or forgot to turn off a light after returning a car, they can unlock and lock the door only once without having to contact the call center by waving their member card over the card reader or using the in-app unlock function*.
*In-app unlocking was launched in February 2022

3) Times CAR(別窓で開く) Automatic Refueling Detection Function (June 2012)

When a customer uses the Times CAR service, they will receive an automatic 30-minute discount when refueling the car with 20 liters or more of fuel. By making it hassle-free, customers will actively cooperate with refueling, allowing the next customer to use the car smoothly.

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