PARK24 GROUP’s Sustainability Policy

The PARK24 GROUP aims to achieve a sustainable society by simultaneously creating social value (contributing to solving social issues) and economic value (generating profit by improving corporate value) based on the Group’s philosophy, “We create new forms of comfort and convenience by responding to the needs of today and anticipating the needs of tomorrow.” In making these efforts, we will fulfill our responsibilities by understanding and acting appropriately to meet society’s demands through responsible communication with our stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, investors, business partners, government, local communities etc.)

Environmental Policy

The PARK24 GROUP recognizes that responding to climate change and other environmental issues is one of its important corporate social responsibilities, and that finding a balance between global environmental conservation and business activities leads to the sustainable growth of the Group.
As a transport infrastructure service company, we have established the following activity guidelines to ensure a balance between the provision of sustainable services and global environmental conservation and aim to create a convenient and comfortable society in cooperation with our stakeholders.

  1. 1)We will contribute to the realization of a resource-efficient, sustainable society by promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation, resource conservation, and resource recycling in mobility services, parking services, etc., and by expanding appropriate businesses. We will also strive to reduce energy consumption, appropriately manage waste, promote the 3Rs, and prevent contamination at our business sites.
  2. 2)We will establish voluntary standards of conduct and strive for appropriate operation and continuous improvement.
  3. 3)We will comply with relevant laws and regulations in every aspect of our business activities.
  4. 4)We will disseminate our environmental policy to all directors and employees and strive to raise environmental awareness through environmental education.
  5. 5)We will enhance transparency and reliability through appropriate information disclosure, such as the status of environmental initiatives, and actively communicate with stakeholders.
  • 3Rs:Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Human-rights Policy

The PARK24 GROUP understands that the human-rights of all individuals affected by its business activities must be respected, and we believe it is important to promote initiatives that respect human-rights in accordance with the International Declaration on Human-Rights (the World Declaration on Human-Rights and the International Human-Rights Code), the Declaration of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Global Compact, and the United Nations guidance principles on business and human-rights. If laws and regulations of the countries or communities we operate in differ or conflict from international human-rights norms, we will seek ways to respect internationally recognized human-rights standards within the scope of the laws and regulations of those countries or communities.
Based on this consideration for human-rights, we will promote diversity management that allows our company/organization to be a comfortable and rewarding place to work for, enabling all employees to share diverse values by making the most of their individual abilities.

  1. 1)We will support and respect international norms of human-rights and promote efforts to respect human-rights.
  2. 2)We will respect diversity and not tolerate any forms of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, place of origin, social status, gender, marital status, age, disability, religion, philosophy/belief, sexual orientation/self-recognition, and differences in occupation and employment status.
  3. 3)We will not tolerate any forms of modern slavery including forced labour, child labour and trafficking.
  4. 4)We will strive to provide our employees with a safe, hygienic, and healthy working environment. We will respect the right of union and collective bargaining rights of employees to facilitate discussions between labor and management, with respect to working conditions and the working environment. We will also comply with laws and regulations concerning working conditions, such as working hours and wages.
  5. 5)We will strive to act based on the concept of human rights due diligence and aim to realize a society in which human-rights are respected.
  6. 6)We will disseminate our human-rights policy to all directors and employees and provide appropriate education to ensure compliance with laws and principles related to human-rights. In addition, each and every employee will fully understand and respect human-rights, thereby firmly establishing it in our business activities.
  7. 7)We will improve our human-rights initiatives based on this policy through dialogue with our stakeholders. We will also regularly disclose our initiatives and progress based on this policy through various reports and on our website.
  8. 8)This policy applies to all directors and employees. In addition, we will require our business partners to conduct their corporate activities in consideration of human-rights based on this policy.

Anti-corruption Policy

The PARK24 GROUP recognizes that compliance with laws and regulations, fair, transparent, and free competition, as well as fair and responsible business transactions, along with each employee's ethical work attitude will lead to long-term company development.
In all business activities, we will prohibit corrupt practices, conduct fair and transparent business operations, and comply with relevant laws and regulations in accordance with our corporate ethics.

  1. 1)In order to prevent bribery with third parties, including business partners and government officials, we will strictly prevent the provision of improper conveniences and requests.
  2. 2)We will provide appropriate education to all directors and employees of the Group to raise awareness of anti-corruption.
  3. 3)As part of our internal control system, we will establish a network to prevent corruption, strive for appropriate operations, as well as maintain and administrate an organizational system to prevent bribery.
  4. 4)Under an appropriate internal control system, approval documents for entertainment, gifts, payments to business partners, and accounting books are recorded accurately based on facts, and related forms will be properly stored.
  5. 5)Any director or employee who violates these basic policies will be punished strictly in accordance with our employment rules.

Procurement Policy

The PARK24 GROUP recognizes the importance of promoting sustainability in the supply chain through sustainability management in line with its business activities.
We will establish the following Procurement Policy to build sounder relations with our business partners.

  1. 1)When selecting business partners, we will make judgments in a fair and impartial manner by comprehensively evaluating the reliability of management and development capabilities in addition to quality, price, and delivery.
  2. 2)We aim to build long-term relationships of trust, coexist, and co-prosper through mutual cooperation, and create new services together.
  3. 3)We will comply with the Group's human-rights policy, as well as support and respect international norms on human-rights. We will also promote procurement that acknowledges the working environment of our business partners, along with their safety and health.
  4. 4)In accordance with the Group’s environmental policy, we will consider the impact of our business activities on local communities, biodiversity, and environmental pollution, as well as promote resource conservation and the procurement of materials with minimal environmental impact.
  5. 5)In order to fulfill our duty to continually provide services to our customers, even in the event of natural disasters or other major socio-environmental changes, we will build a system that allows us to procure materials necessary for the provision of our services.

Basic Concept of Corporate Governance

Tax Policy

The PARK24 GROUP positions the Group Code of Conduct as the basis of compliance activities. We develop internal rules and properly implement them to ensure robust compliance. We provide internal training and education in an effort to build a high ethical awareness. With respect to tax affairs, we understand that it is an important part of our social responsibility to make fair and proper tax returns and payments for supporting the sustainable development of the country and local communities. To appropriately fulfill our tax obligations, we have established the tax policy described below.

  1. 1)We will comply with laws, regulations and different rules in all countries and regions where we do business to ensure high transparency in tax treatment and to properly fulfill our tax obligations.
  2. 2)Our accounting organization will provide guidance for proper accounting and tax treatment on the basis of opinions from tax accountant companies and other experts and will strive to develop a structure for sufficient communication among companies within the Group. Our corporate officer responsible for the Accounting Department will serve as person in charge of development and maintenance of tax-related governance. He or she will report the status of efforts to the Board of Directors, the Audit and Supervisory Committee and others.
  3. 3)With the objective of maximizing shareholder value, we will properly and effectively take advantage of tax easing measures to the extent to which our interpretation or application will not deviate from the objectives of the laws, regulations and equivalents and endeavor to make our tax burdens appropriate.
  4. 4)We will sincerely respond to requests from tax authorities in different countries and regions to build and maintain sound and favorable relationships with them. In the event of a disparity in views with tax authorities, we will make constructive dialogues with them and endeavor to eliminate it.

Risk Management Policy

In order to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term, PARK24 Group will establish a systematic, company-wide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system as a group and continuously implement risk management based on this policy.

    1. 1) The purposes of risk management are as follows.
      1. Protection of safety of life and health of customers, officers and employees
      2. Safeguarding of assets
      3. Business continuity
      4. Contribution to communities
    1. 2) The following describes our risk management action guidelines.
      1. The Board of Directors will create an environment that helps officers and employees with proper risk-taking.
      2. Officers and employees will properly identify the risks that they should address within the scope of their business authority.
      3. Risk assessment, risk response, evaluation of operational status, review, and improvement are the activities of risk management, which are appropriately implemented in each fiscal year in accordance with the Risk and Crisis Management Rules.
      4. Recognizing that the purpose of risk management is to ensure the sustainable growth of the PARK24 Group and to enhance its corporate value over the medium to long term, we will reflect social demands in risk management and strive to improve service quality.
    1. 3) We have develop Risk and Crisis Management Rules. They stipulate all matters relating to risk management and oblige all officers and employees to implement risk management.
    1. 4) We have set up a Risk Management Committee and established a systematic Company-wide risk management systems in the Group. The Risk Management Committee has appointed the President of PARK24 Co., Ltd. as chief risk management officer and the person generally responsible for compliance as chair of the committee. Some of the Group's officers and employees serve as committee members.
    1. 5) We will provide education and training to officers and employees of the Group to ensure that they can conduct activities towards meeting the purposes of this policy and thereby to implement sound risk management.
    1. 6) In the event of identifying any risk that may have a serious impact on our management, we will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

Intellectual property policy

The PARK24 GROUP understands that intellectual property centering on Times and other brands, know-how in the Parking Business, the Mobility Business and others, data, hardware and software, are assets indispensable to sustainable corporate growth. We also believe that the proper management and utilization of intellectual property are essential to improvement in corporate value. The PARK24 GROUP will regard intellectual property as not being limited to patents, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights and as including technologies, data, know-how, brands and suchlike. Our operation divisions and the legal affairs and intellectual property division will work together to strengthen this intellectual property and thereby to constantly increase corporate value.

  1. 1)We define the legal affairs and intellectual property division as a division that accelerates the enrichment of intellectual property. We will determine its roles and duties in the handling of intellectual property for the entire Group and will develop an action policy. We will take control of intellectual property activities in the entire Group and work on the effective enrichment of intellectual property. In so doing, we will capitalize on intellectual property for supporting the Group's sustainable growth and the maximization of its corporate value.
  2. 2)We will properly protect the results of corporate intellectual activities as intellectual property by obtaining patents, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyright and other intellectual property rights for them and by managing them as business secrets.
  3. 3)We will make active use of intellectual property to boost our business competitiveness in a bid to maximize our corporate interests. In the event that any of our corporate intellectual property is infringed by any third party, we will respond firmly, for instance with a warning, litigation and other measures, to protect our corporate interests.
  4. 4)The PARK24 GROUP will respect the intellectual property duly created and owned by third parties and will take care not to impair or infringe it.
  5. 5)We will make our intellectual property policy known to all personnel and provide education and training on intellectual property.

Information Security Policy

The PARK24 GROUP is aware of the importance of information security, including cybersecurity. We will properly protect and manage all of the information and information systems (hereinafter referred to as "information assets") we handle. Subsequently, we will endeavor to constantly revise and improve our information security efforts for the purpose of protecting our social credibility in business activities and achieving continuous increases in our corporate value.

  1. 1)We will comply with laws, regulations and other norms concerning information security that apply in all countries and regions where we do business. In addition, we will clarify what we should work on to ensure information security and develop them into internal rules. We will continuously revise these internal rules, process and management measures.
  2. 2)To properly and unfailingly implement information security measures, we will construct an information security management system and clarify the locus of responsibility. Under this information security management system, we will properly offer information to and actively collect information from outside information security organizations as a member of society.
  3. 3)We will manage and protect our own and customers' information assets in our business activities. We will also take measures aimed at preventing the inappropriate use of information assets and any conduct that impairs the value of information assets. Producing adverse impacts, appropriate use includes violations of information-related laws and regulations and conduct impairing the value include falsification, destruction, disclosure and abuse. Should any incident occur, we will swiftly make an initial response, which will include measures to contain the damage in order to minimize its impact, and will also endeavor to prevent any recurrence.
  4. 4)We will make known to all personnel concerned the importance of properly managing information assets to improve their awareness of information security. We will also provide the necessary education and training on information security.
  5. 5)Prior to the conclusion of any service agreement, we will fully examine if the prospective contractor is appropriate and ask it to maintain its information security level at a level equivalent or superior to that of the Group. To check if its information security level is appropriately maintained, we will regularly assess the contractor to maintain and improve information security.

Disclosure Policy

Basic Concept of Information Disclosure

PARK24 fully recognizes that the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information to investors forms the foundation of sound financial instruments markets. Consequently, the Company takes seriously the provision of company information to investors, taking steps such as improving its internal system to ensure prompt, accurate, and impartial disclosure of company information always from the perspective of investors.

Criteria for Information Disclosure

We will disclose information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities (hereinafter referred to as the "Timely Disclosure Rules") of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on which PARK24 lists its stock. We will also disclose in a timely and fair manner, and to the extent possible, information on our decisions, issues that have arisen, and operating results that may influence the investment decisions of our shareholders and investors, even if it is outside the purview of the laws and regulations and the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Information Disclosure Methods

For information that come under the disclosure standards of the Timely Disclosure Rules and information that may influence the investment decisions of our shareholders and investors, we make disclosures via the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s information disclosure system (TDnet). We will also publish the information disclosed via TDnet on our website as quickly as possible. For information other than the above, we also give serious consideration to impartial and fair disclosure to our shareholders and investors, whenever the information is deemed useful in understanding PARK24.

Information Disclosure System

Quiet Period

We have adopted a quiet period, which runs from the day starting two weeks before the announcement of our operating results until the release of the corresponding financial report. During the quiet period, we will refrain from commenting on or answering questions about our operating results. However, if material revisions to our results forecasts become likely during the quiet period, we will, in principle, disclose information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules. Even during the quiet period, we will respond to inquiries about information that has already been disclosed. Please understand that the quiet period is based on our internal rules to prevent information about our operating results from leaking and to ensure fair disclosure.

Privacy Policy

Activity Guidelines

  • Remember that you are a member of society. Offer services that justify your role and work to build a better society.
  • Be sincere. Keep in mind the need to always be sincere. Practice behaviors that meet the standards of customers, society and yourself.
  • Take on challenges. There is value in trying something, even with full consideration of the risks. Turn the experience derived from taking on a challenge into self-confidence.
  • Be an active player. Without being a bystander, view everything you are associated with as your own responsibility.
  • Think of ways to succeed. Instead of coming up with reasons why you can't do something, come up with ways to do it.
  • Create new value. The new value you have created on your own will later be a standard.
  • Always have a goal for self-actualization. A spirit of working towards self-actualization will turn into unparalleled energy.