Message from the President

Since its founding in 1971, the PARK24 GROUP has aspired to creating a better society by delivering parking services in order to eliminate illegal parking, and by delivering mobility services to provide people with comfortable transportation to make the lives of people richer. Having built our foundation upon these strong aspirations, we are confident that we can achieve the GROUP's philosophy of "We create new forms of comfort and convenience by responding to the needs of today and anticipating the needs of tomorrow."

Our services are now universally embraced as indispensable to daily life, making us keenly aware of the integral role played by the PARK24 GROUP within society and the environment. Today, however, society and the environment are faced with numerous challenges, including climate change, human rights, and disrupted supply chains. We believe it is our corporate duty to step up our engagement with these issues and find solutions. We will continue to identify and implement optimal solutions by maintaining ongoing communication with all PARK24 GROUP stakeholders.

The PARK24 GROUP will continue to create economic value by providing value to society, while simultaneously contributing to environmental and social sustainability through sustainable business management practices.

Koichi Nishikawa,