Member Services

Times Club membership service for drivers

Times Club is a membership service for drivers that has no entry or yearly membership fees.
Members can earn and use points through applicable services such as Times PARKING, Times CAR RENTAL and Times CAR, and a range of preferential services are also offered through tie-ups with many facilities.
Members are issued a Times Club Card.

Times Club Card

Member Services

Members can earn and use points through applicable services provided by the Park24 Group and also take advantage of various services offered exclusively to members.

  • Basic fees for Times CAR RENTAL offered at a special price for members
  • Preferential services and benefits available at many affiliated facilities and stores
  • Free use of EV / PHV chargers installed at some Times PARKING sites (separate registration required)
  • Support offered at special member price for car trouble such as flat battery or tire punctures

Times Business Service for corporate customers

The Times Business Card enabling the use of parking facilities, car sharing and rent-a-car services is issued exclusively to corporate members.
The card allows cashless usage of Times PARKING facilities across Japan, and since usage fees are invoiced in bulk each month, businesses can reduce the hassle of processing expenses.
Additionally, since basic monthly fees for Times CAR are free, no expenses are incurred in months when there is no usage. Special corporate rates are also offered for Times CAR RENTAL.

Times Business Card