Stakeholder Engagement

The PARK24 GROUP holds dialogues and collaborates with customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, investors, local communities and other stakeholders who support us in diverse ways. In so doing, we seek to understand their opinions and wishes and incorporate them into our management. We thus strive to increase our corporate value continuously and contribute to society through our business.

Stance on stakeholders Major means of dialogues
Customers We will identify their opinions and wishes. Then, we will provide safe and reassuring services and disclose information properly to meet their confidence and expectations.
  1. Information disclosure at different service websites
  2. Organization of Times Lessons (driving skills workshops for service members)
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys (twice a year)
  4. Questionnaire surveys to Times CLUB members
  5. Acceptance of comments and inquiries
Employees We will respect human rights. We will conduct no discrimination or act of harassment. We will create an environment and move forward with diversity to ensure that every single employee can display their personality to the maximum and work vigorously.
  1. Engagement surveys (once a year)
  2. Different kinds of training and seminars for career development
  3. Actions for DEI
  4. Actions for health management
  5. Establishment of an internal consultation service
  6. Awareness-raising activities on the Intranet and with in-house newsletters
Business partners We will make fair and impartial transactions and practice responsible procurement to build long-term trust with business partners and aim for coexistence and mutual prosperity through reciprocal cooperation.
  1. Formulation and dissemination of the procurement policy and the procurement guidelines
  2. Communication with business partners through sales activities
  3. Self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ) to business partners 
  4. Integrated Report
  5. Acceptance of comments and inquiries
Shareholders and investors We will comply with laws, ordinances and regulations and implement swift, accurate and fair information disclosure. We will work sincerely to distribute our company information to shareholders and investors in a fair and impartial manner.
  1. Annual general meeting of shareholders (once a year)
  2. Results briefings for institutional investors and analysts
  3. Individual investor relations (IR) and shareholder relations (SR) meetings and small meetings
  4. Submission of annual securities reports and quarterly reports
  5. Publication of an integrated report (once a year)
  6. Publication of newsletters for shareholders (twice a year)
  7. Information disclosure on the Investor Relations website
  8. Response to outside questionnaires and surveys
  9. Acceptance of comments and inquiries
  10. Submission of financial statements and other materials related to financial results
Local communities We will create services that help build a sustainable society. We will thus contribute to the community and seek better coexistence with society and local communities.
  1. Contribute to resolving social issues through business
  2. Awareness-raising activities on Parking Day
  3. Judo workshops for children
  4. Disaster Relief Initiatives
  5. Donation activities