Background of Materiality Identification

 The GROUP has been working to solve social issues through the growth of its parking and mobility businesses as a mobility and transportation infrastructure service company under the GROUP's philosophy of “We create new forms of comfort and convenience by responding to the needs of today and anticipating the needs of tomorrow.”
 The GROUP believes that the role to be played by the GROUP in realizing a sustainable global environment and society will become increasingly significant in the future. For this reason, the GROUP has identified the Materiality of the PARK24 GROUP in order to achieve sustainable corporate growth and increase corporate value by incorporating the perspectives of environmental and social issues into the GROUP's management policies in addition to business strategies.

Five Materialities of the PARK24 GROUP

Materiality Main Themes
  1. 1)Contribution to sustainable global environment
  1. Contribution to the reduction of environmental load
  2. Effective use of resources
  1. 2)Provision of safe mobility and transportation infrastructure services
  1. Medium-term business strategies
  2. Customer Responsibility
  1. 3)Innovation for comfortable society
  1. Medium-term business strategies
  1. 4)Promotion of active participation of diverse human resources essential for corporate growth
  1. Promotion of active participation of diverse human resources and human resource development
  2. Employee health promotion
  1. 5)Establishment of strong management foundation
  1. Construction of sustainable supply chains
  2. Enhancement of corporate governance/ Ensuring compliance

Process of Materiality Identification

  1. 1)Extracted social demands by referring to the United Nations Global Compact, the 17 goals of the SDGs, which cover social issues, and the evaluation items of ESG evaluation organizations.
  2. 2)Identified Materiality through review and discussion by the Sustainability Committee based on the extracted social issues.
  3. 3)Discussed and approved Materiality identified by the Sustainability Committee at a meeting of the Board of Directors.