Compliance and Integrity

In addition to observing laws, regulations, internal rules and social norms, the Park24 Group recognizes compliance as the practice of acting with the high degree of ethics that society demands.
By promoting compliance both in terms of raising compliance awareness and establishing compliance-oriented systems, the Park24 Group strives to continually enhance its corporate value.

Group Code of Conduct

The Group Code of Conduct sets out 24 items of conduct to be practiced by all officers and employees of the Park24 Group and serve as the standard governing their daily conduct, achieve the Group Philosophy “We create new forms of comfort and convenience by responding to the needs of today and anticipating the needs of tomorrow.”
Putting the Group Code of Conduct into practice is positioned as the foundation of the Park24 Group’s compliance efforts, and forms the basis of the educational and awareness-raising activities being implemented.

[Group Code of Conduct]

  1. Realizing a sustainable society
  2. Pursuing quality and safety
  3. Protecting the global environment
  4. Fair business activities
  5. Free market competition
  6. Preventing corruption and moderating business entertainment and gift-giving
  7. Distinguishing public and private matters and prohibiting conflicts of interest
  8. Preventing insider trading
  9. Protecting personal information and privacy
  10. Appropriate import and export activities
  11. Proper accounting and taxation practices
  12. Cutting off relationships with antisocial forces
  1. Information security and appropriate information management
  2. Protection of and respect for intellectual property
  3. Proper use and management of company property
  4. Enhancing brand value
  5. Healthy communication with society
  6. Timely and appropriate information disclosure
  7. Ethical conduct
  8. Respect for human rights
  9. Ban on discrimination
  10. Prohibition on child labor and forced labor
  11. Prioritizing health and creating a comfortable work environment
  12. Respecting diversity

Compliance System

The Corporate Compliance Department has been established as the department responsible for supervising compliance promotion. The department conducts training and awareness-raising activities with the aim of promoting compliance, and fields reports and consultations on compliance-related matters.
Compliance managers and compliance personnel appointed in each Park24 Group company and department coordinate with the Corporate Compliance Department to implement autonomous compliance promotion initiatives at their respective companies and departments, and conduct compliance-related education and inspections in the course of their daily duties.

Compliance Education and Awareness-raising Activities

Through various training sessions, in-house tests and by distributing information using the Park24 intranet, periodic education and awareness-raising activities related to compliance are conducted, with a particular focus on thoroughly disseminating the Group Code of Conduct.
The Park24 Group will review the contents of education and awareness-raising activities in line with changes in the environment surrounding the Group’s business activities in order to further improve compliance awareness.

Compliance Awareness Surveys

We have conducted compliance awareness surveys of all Group employees every other year since 2017, using anonymous questionnaire format, in order to ascertain their awareness and practice of compliance and to identify any issues they may be facing.
The response rate for the survey conducted in February 2023 was 98.3% (previous response rate: 96.2%) which showed an improvement from the previous survey.

Whistleblowing System (Internal Reporting System)

A Whistleblowing System has been established in accordance with the Whistle-Blower Protection Act, with the aim of discovering compliance violations early on and quickly taking corrective action to maintain sound corporate management.
Reports and consultations are received by telephone, email, fax or post, and both reports and consultations can be handled anonymously.
Matters concerning reports and consultations are carefully investigated to ensure a timely and appropriate response. Moreover, in all cases guarantees are made to ensure that those who make a report or seek consultation are not disadvantaged.