Promotion of Health Management

Extended healthy life expectancy, the era of 100-year lifespans is approaching. Business operators are expected to rebuild the economic and social system based on the concept of people being active throughout their lives.
In response to the changes of the times, PARK24 GROUP has been improving its working environments to ensure that employees from diverse generations can retire in good health both mentally and physically.
Taking the position that emphasizing the health of employees and their family members will become more important within the Group’s management challenges, we have decided that it is essential for the Group as a whole to adopt the concept of health and productivity management enhancement.

Health Management Declaration

Under the Group philosophy of “creating new forms of comfort and convenience by responding to the needs of today and anticipating the needs of tomorrow,” PARK24 GROUP is striving to establish a working environment in which each employee can develop extensive experience, improve their expertise and demonstrate their capabilities. As part of these efforts, we will provide employees and their family members with an environment in which they can maintain and improve their health.
Through measures aimed at maintaining and improving their health, we aim to ensure that each employee is energetically engaged in operations with a satisfying mindset while maintaining high productivity. In addition, we will comply with laws and regulations related to employees’ health and safety, and facilitate the creation of a comfortable workplace environment by highlighting the health of employees and their family members as one of the Group’s important management challenges.

March, 2020


Under the leadership of the Chief Health Officer, we have established a system to promote health management centered on the Health Management Promotion Council (established in 2023), in which each Group company and business unit participates. The Health Management Promotion Council also collaborates with the Health Committee of each company and business unit, and the Health Care Center, which serves as the Health Management Promotion Administration Office, is staffed by in-house public health nurses and psychologists, thereby incorporating their expertise into health management.
In addition to collaborating with the health insurance union to implement Collaborative Health (*1), we also hold regular discussions with employee representatives to promote health management.*1 Collaborative health means that insurers and business enterprises actively collaborate to efficiently and effectively implement prevention and health promotion for their members under a clear division of roles and a favorable work environment.

Target figures

To ensure raising health awareness and the reduction of the number of employees who are at risk for health problems, we have set target figures for the following items, which we recognize as particular issues, and are implementing measures. The target figures are set to exceed the national average under the supervision of the Group's Corporate Occupational Health Manager, and are updated according to progress. Furthermore, these target figures are also incorporated into the Group’s medium- to long-term sustainability goals set in 2021.

    <Target figures for 2024>

  1. 1)Enhancement of health awareness
    • (i) Ratio of employees who attend health education lectures each year : 100%
    • (ii) Number of participants in safety and health-related events each year: over 5,000 in total
  2. 2)Minimization of the number of employees with health risks
    • (i) Ratio of employees who have detailed examinations: over 75%
    • (ii) Rate of employees in Japan who smoke across the Group: less than 20%
    • (iii) Ratio of female employees who have checkups for cancer unique to females (breast cancer and uterine cancer): over 60%

With regards to the Group's health management, some measures are designed to cover a wide range of employees and their families. However, unless otherwise indicated, data is compiled for employees covered by employee health insurance who work at business locations in Japan, as "persons subject to health management”.

Progress of Initiatives to Achieve Targets

  1. Raising awareness of health issues

    Based on the belief that improving health awareness is the bane of everyone's life, the PARK24 GROUP conducts health education and health events not only for employees subject to health management, but also for all employees at domestic and overseas business sites, including those who work shorter hours.

    1. (i)

      Various health education programs have been implemented to raise health awareness, with the health education participation rate at 27.6% in 2022 (23.1% in 2021). The participation rate increased compared to the previous year as a result of improved online learning environment and increased video content by internal and external instructors.

      <Themes for health education program implementation of FY2022>
      In FY2022, we focused on the following themes: mental health, smoking cessation, women's health issues, prevention and severity of COVID-19.

      • Mental health
      • Smoking cessation
      • Women's health issues
      • Dietary improvement
      • Acquisition of exercise habits
      • Fall prevention and locomotive syndrome prevention
      • Improvement of sleep habits
      • Prevention and severity of COVID-19
      • Health management workshop for newly appointed managers
      【Locomotive Syndrome Prevention Online Seminars】
    2. (ii)

      In order to link health awareness to improvement actions, we hold various health and safety events, and the total number of participants in FY2022 was 6,541 (19,468 in FY2021). The COVID-19 vaccine was used as an opportunity to raise health awareness and increase infection prevention behavior, and education on infectious disease countermeasures was also provided.

      <Health and safety events in FY2022>
      In FY2022, PARK24 Healthcare Center conducted vaccinations against COVID-19 in the workplace, not only for employees and their families, but also for business partners and neighborhood associations around the bases, to support the acquisition of mass immunity and raise awareness of the prevention of serious diseases.

      • Online walking events (held twice a year)
      • Yoga and mindfulness seminar
      • Nutrition Education Marche (nutrition education + assistance in purchasing vegetables directly from producers under the supervision of a nutritionist)
      • Vaccination against COVID-19 at workplaces (Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sendai)
      • Group vaccination for influenza in the workplace *1
      【Vaccination at Tokyo Venue】
      The waiting time was used to raise awareness about infectious diseases and prevention of serious illnesses.
      【Nutrition Education Marche Effectiveness Verification】
      Participation in the event has resulted in improved dietary awareness. The event was highly satisfactory to participants and is scheduled to continue in FY2023.
  2. Reduce the number of health risk individuals
    1. (i) In order to identify employees who are at risk for health problems, the results of medical checkups are evaluated by occupational physicians and other specialists, and high-risk employees are encouraged to undergo further medical examinations by individual guidance and support from occupational heath nurses and medical examination cost subsidies. As a result of such measures, the examination rate in FY2022 was 29.4% (28.0% in FY2021). (Regular medical checkup rate:100% in FY2022 and FY2021).
    2. (ii) As a result of various measures to support smoking cessation, the smoking rate was 30.3% in FY2022 (30.7% in FY2021). *2
    3. (iii) In order to promote the early detection and treatment of cancer specific to women, we have implemented measures to support women's health, including health education and the establishment of a consultation service by female specialists. As a result, the breast cancer checkup rate was 82.6% in FY2022 (65.0% in FY2021) and uterine cancer checkup rate was 63.6% in FY2022 (72.4% in FY2021).
    【Anti-smoking Online Seminars】

    The utilization of opportunities for workplace vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine to provide health education and the enhancement of video materials by in-house occupational health nurses and psychotherapists resulted in an increase in the health education participation rate in FY2022 compared to the previous year. By continuing these efforts to improve awareness, we aim to increase the rate of screening for full examinations and cancer screening, as well as the rate of participation in health events, including smoking countermeasures.

    1. *1The influenza vaccination is a collaborative health measure with the Tokyo Real Estate Industry Health Insurance Association.
    2. *2The smoking rate is calculated for those aged 40 or older who received specified health checkups belonging to the Tokyo Real Estate Industry Health Insurance Association.

Major measures taken for further maintenance and promotion of health

  1. (i)The prevalence of findings in health checkups among our group employees was 53.8% in FY2022 (49.6% in FY2021). FY2022 saw the introduction of a health checkup results management system, which enabled us to digitize and centrally manage the health checkup results of our group companies in Japan. We will utilize the health checkup results data for more effective health management.
  2. (ii)Employees who are classified as high-risk based on the results of health checkups are provided with health guidance by occupational physicians. A system is in place to provide health guidance during work hours, and the implementation rate of health guidance for eligible employees was 97.3% in FY2022.
  3. (iii)As a result of encouraging employees to take stress check to identify those at risk for mental health issues, the rate of employees taking the check improves to 88.9% in FY2022 (84.8% in FY2021). The rate of high-stress employees was 11.5% in FY2022 (11.1% in FY2021).
  4. (iv)In-house occupational health nurses and psychotherapists are available at the in-house health consultation counter to detect mental and physical problems of employees at an early stage and link them to appropriate workplace measures and treatment. The average number of days of absenteeism and leave due to personal injury or illness was 1.75 days in FY2022 (1.70 days in FY2021).
  5. (v)Efforts for proper working hour management include regular training for managers and general employees and the use of fatigue level checks. The average monthly overtime hours worked in FY2022 was 24 hours(FY2021: 25 hours).
  6. (vi)As part of our occupational health and safety initiatives, our in-house public health nurses regularly attend local health committee meetings to provide information on seasonal health-related topics, and we are working to revitalize the health committee meetings. During workplace inspections by health managers at each workplace, checklists that include risk items unique to the workplace are used to detect hazards at an early stage. The number of occupational accidents in FY2022 was 80.

As indicators of the effectiveness of health management through the various measures described above, we monitor the health education participation rate (27.6% in FY2022 and 23.1% in FY2021), work engagement (2.43 in FY2022 and 2.42 in FY2021), and productivity (FY2022: 3rd of 5 levels, FY2021: same left). For the measurement of work engagement and presenteeism in FY2022, we surveyed 5,943 individuals, including employee health insurance enrollees working at domestic establishments and those posted abroad, of whom 5,285 responded (88.9%).*1

Employees who can create new value through persistent trial and error and take on challenges are indispensable for further enhancement of the Group's corporate value. We are continuously conducting health education and events to maintain and improve the health of our employees, which is the cornerstone of their activities. Even in the difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that employees' willingness to participate in health and safety events has improved their health awareness and work engagement, which in turn has helped them maintain productivity in the workplace.

  1. *1Presenteeism is a condition in which employees' performance declines due to illness or injury even though they attend work, and is measured by an employee questionnaire. Our group uses the presenteeism index of Humanage, Inc. Work engagement is measured in a general way by taking the average of the items related to "pride in work" and "vitality" in The New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire(the most favorable value is 4.0 and the least is 1.0).

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