Mobility Service

Car sharing “Times CAR”

Times CAR is a membership based unattended rent-a-car service that allows members to use a vehicle anytime day or night in 15-minute increments.
Car sharing vehicles are placed around Japan, mainly at Times Parking locations.
PARK24 has developed an environment that allows customers to use vehicles whenever they are needed based on the concepts of “familiar,” “good value” and “convenient.”

Features of Times CAR

  • Vehicle types: mainly passenger cars
  • Usage times: from 15 minutes and longer
  • Pickup: Parking facility (unattended)
  • Reservations for use: up to 3 minutes before use
  • Rental and return: 24 hours, year-round
  • Gasoline and insurance premiums: included in usage fees

Rent-a-car “Times CAR RENTAL”

Times CAR RENTAL provides a rent-a-car service available to anyone from six hours and longer.
We provide a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars to micro-buses and trucks, with various optional services also available.
Park24 has also created a new service that is not constrained by the conventional rent-a-car model to ensure that customers can conveniently obtain transport anytime and anywhere.

Features of Times CAR RENTAL

  • Vehicle types: extensive range of vehicles
  • Usage times: from six hours and longer
  • Pickup: In-person handover at the outlet
  • Reservations for use: up to 30 minutes before use
  • Rental and return: during outlet operating hours
  • Gasoline and insurance premiums: separate

Above conditions are for when the Times CAR RENTAL basic service is used.