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Warranty and Limitation of Liability

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  • Depending on the user's communication environment, computer environment or other reasons, the user may not be able to properly access this Site.
  • Park24 reserves the right to suspend or close this Site without providing any prior notice to users.


  • The documents, photographs, illustrations, animations, software, etc. on this Site are protected by the copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights which are owned by Park24 and its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Park24") and other third parties.
  • The documents, photographs, illustrations, animations, software, etc. on this Site can be displayed, reproduced or published provided the environment used is inaccessible to third parties and is for private, non-commercial, internal use. However, alterations, in any form, are prohibited. In addition, even if the environment is one that is inaccessible to third parties and is internal, private and non-commercial, users are prohibited from removing and deleting any and all statements regarding copyrights and the like.
  • Park24 does not grant copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, or any other third party intellectual property rights to the user.

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Linking to this Site

Linking to the top page (http://www.park24.co.jp) of this Site is permitted without contacting Park24 regardless of purposes (e.g. commercial or non-commercial use) and the environment (e.g. internet or intranet) of the linked website. However, providing a link from a website that comes under any of the following is strictly prohibited:

  • A website that contains contents intended to libel or defame Park24, its directors or employees, or any other companies, organizations or individuals.
  • A website that contains adult contents, contents deleterious to public order and morals, or a website that contains illegal contents or contents that may be illegal or concerning activities that are illegal or may be illegal.
  • A website whose link format makes it unclear that the material it refers to comes from this Site and which may therefore provide a false impression to a third party. For example, the Park24 website appears within a frame on the linked website.
  • Any other websites deemed inappropriate by Park24.

If you wish to include the contents of this Site in a printed publication, such as a magazine, book or advertisement, or in a CD-ROM or other storage media, you are requested to contact Park24 in advance using the Contact form.


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