Development of Human Resource

Strengthening recruitment

The PARK24 GROUP is working to secure human resources with a variety of expertise by hiring both new graduates and mid-career workers year-round. In particular, we are actively recruiting human resources through mid-career hiring, as we believe this will lead to the creation of innovation by allowing us to incorporate diverse experiences and ways of thinking, and the ratio of full-time mid-career employees is 72% (as of the end of October 2023). This is why we will enhance our essential human resource through internal training and outside recruitment. For our recruitment, we have introduced a compensation program that is attractive to a variety of human resource to secure our superiority in the market. We will focus on securing digital human resource, human resource for next-gen service development, and sales human resource that will act as leaders in business expansion, all of which are in particular need of strengthening in our medium-term business strategy.

Expanding and enhancing training

Training to Develop human resource for Innovation Creation

We began offering the PARK24 GROUP INNOVATION ACADEMY (PIA) in the fiscal year ended October 31, 2021 to develop the ability to focus and think about creating new businesses. Enrollment in courses is offered to all Group employees and participants are selected through document screening. Selected students take courses once or twice a month for about 6 months. This includes classroom training and personal mentoring from outside lecturers to create plans for new businesses. Students then present their business plans to the president and the rest of management. From the fiscal year ending October 31, 2023, we are strengthening the backup system for realization by the new business division of PARK24 Co., LTD, which was newly established in April 2023. As a result of a series of efforts, some of the proposed projects have actually been decided to be put into service. The Group will continue its efforts to develop human resources to create innovations to enhance corporate value.

Training to Develop the Next Generation of Management

Training is provided for managers at department manager level and above, with the aim of developing the next generation of management executives who will contribute to the sustainable growth of the Group.In the fiscal year ended October 31, 2023, training was held on a total of four themes, including autonomous career development support training and engagement improvement training, each attended by 129 persons.

Role-specific Training

Training is provided to hone the skills required for different roles and experiences, such as induction training and training for new managers. We provide management training for managers and leadership training for mid-level employees.

Enhancement in Compliance Education

The compliance division plays a central role in distributing compliance news to all employees in the Group and in conducting compliance tests for checking their knowledge and awareness levels with a view to raise compliance awareness.

Supporting autonomous career development

Introduction of an e-learning system

We introduced an e-learning system in the fiscal year ending October 31, 2009 to offer training using videos as part of our infrastructure environment allowing Group employees to study and improve on their own. With this system, there is a wide range of areas with courses that can be taken, including online courses on legal affairs and intellectual property, disaster prevention textbooks, compliance test, and more, in addition to acquiring skills and knowledge needed to carry out our businesses. We expanded the e-learning system in the fiscal year ending October 31, 2023, and in addition to our own content, employees can now study sales, marketing, IT skills, and other general business skills. As employees can take courses outside of working hours as well, this system can be used for self-improvement and personal career development. In response to the diversity among our employees, we will work to create an environment where all Group employees can learn anytime and anywhere.

Conducting Career Formation Support Training

We conduct career formation support training with the goal of offering opportunities to understand the need for self-improvement towards sustainable growth looking towards what they want to be in the future and to learn how to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge on one's own.

Introduction of a Hand-raising System

Employees can freely apply through our hand-raising system to encourage self-motivation among employees in regards to participation in the PARK24 GROUP INNOVATION ACADEMY (PIA), and some of our internal training and events.

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