Medium- to Long-term Sustainability Goals

At the Board of Directors held on December 15, 2021, PARK24 GROUP identified the materialities and set the medium- to long-term goals for sustainability in order to achieve sustainable growth and enhance the corporate value of the GROUP over the medium- to long-term. The main themes and medium- to long-term goals or policies for 2030 are as follows.

Contribution to sustainable global environment

Contribution to the reduction of environmental load

  1. 1)Targeting an EV rate for newly introduced vehicles that exceeds the EV rate for newly registered vehicles in Japan for mobility service vehicles and vehicles for in-house use (commercial vehicles and management and maintenance vehicles)
  2. 2)(For the time being) Increase the ratio of HVs and EVs in newly introduced mobility service vehicles compared to the previous year
  3. 3)3% reduction in CO2 emissions per km traveled by mobility vehicles compared to the previous year
  4. 4)Installing EV chargers in newly developed Times PARKING facilities (after FY2025)
  5. 5)Switch to renewable energy sources for electricity used in company-owned properties (parking facilities and offices)

Effective use of resources

  1. 1)Promote reuse of parking-related equipment
  2. 2)Examine and promote the development of flapless and other lightly equipped parking facilities

Promotion of active participation of diverse human resources essential for corporate growth

Promotion of active participation of diverse human resources and human resource development

  1. 1)Actively provide opportunities to utilize diverse human resources and maximize their abilities
    Introduce systems and support measures to create an environment in which individuals can work with vitality, regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, disability, religion, beliefs, new graduate/ mid-career, employment status, etc.
    Promote personnel based on ability and performance
  2. 2)Optimize diversity indicators (gender, new graduate/ mid-career, disability status, etc.)
  3. 3)Acquisition rate of maternity leave: 100%

Employee health promotion

By FY2024

  1. 1)Detailed examination rate: over 75%
  2. 2)Smoking rate of domestic employees: less than 20%
  3. 3)Screening rate for female-specific cancer among female employees: over 60%
  4. 4)Health education coverage rate: 100%
  5. 5)Total number of participants in safety and health-related events: over 5,000

Through the above efforts, aim for certification as Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500) as a result of achieving health indicators.

Establishment of strong management foundation

Construction of sustainable supply chains

Identify and improve the soundness of supply chain risks throughout the GROUP

Enhancement of corporate governance/ Ensuring compliance

Optimization of corporate governance