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【PARK24 Co., Ltd. 】Announcement of Impact and Response to Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake (Second Report)

 Park 24 Co., Ltd. would like to express its sincerest condolences to all victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake that struck on March 11.
The Company has released details of the impact of the earthquake in our first report dated March 14, and reports on the situation since then, as follows:







  The Company has confirmed no casualties among the Company or Group employees.





  Two (2) offices of Mazda Rentacar in Ishinomaki and Sendai Airport, operated by a Group company, have suffered heavy tsunami damage to their interior, and it is not yet known when they can resume service.



Hourly parking facilities, Times


  Operations are steadily being resumed of Times parking facilities in the Tohoku area, which had been suspended. However, operations are still suspended in areas where power has not been restored.
In the Kanto area, there has been some damage to a number of mechanical parking facilities, which have not resumed operations.
With respect to the impact of planned power outages, since entry and exit from the parking facilities will not be possible during times of outages, measures have been taken at facilities to raise awareness, such as putting up reminder notices for customers. In addition, measures to conserve energy by turning off Times signboards and lighting inside the parking facilities are being taken.



Mazda Rentacar



  Operations have been suspended at some offices, however operations are steadily being resumed, where the supply of fuel and other situations allow, in the Tohoku and Kanto area.


Car sharing:

  All Times PLUS operations that had been suspended have resumed operations at all stations from today.


  Park24 continues to remain completely committed to collecting accurate information and achieving a recovery, placing top priority on ensuring safety.


Support for Disaster Stricken Areas


  Disaster aid goods, such as blankets, water, and food, have been transported to disaster stricken areas (Sendai) since March 12. The Group intends to contribute to the recovery by the transporting aid.


Impact on performance


  PARK24 is currently investigating the damage caused by the earthquake, and if a material influence on performance for this fiscal year appears likely, it will disclose the information as soon as possible.