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Parking Service

  • Times Parking facilities

    Times Parking is a generic term for parking provided by Park 24 Group.

  • Times Parking Standard

    Times Parking Standard is a type of Times parking in which Park24 manages Times parking facilities by renting from individual and corporate landowners idle sites that are unsuitable for buildings and other structures, and using them mainly for small parking facilities.

  • Times Parkng Partner

    Times Parkng Partner is a type of Times parking in which Park24 rents parking facilities for visitors to commercial facilities, banks, hotels, and government authorities and manages them as Times parking. By making these facilities Times parking, they will be available for anyone to use 24 hours a day. TPS features long-term stable management, as the facilities are rarely diverted to other purposes since they are provided specifically as parking for visitors.

  • Parking facility management services

    In this business, Park24 provides management services on behalf of hourly and monthly parking facilities operated by hospitals and administrative authorities based on a facility management agreement.

  • Times Parking Monthly

    Monthly parking lot managed by Park 24 Group

  • Times Parking B

    A membership service that matches a landowner who wants to utilize idle land effectively with a driver who wants to park his or her car. With an advance reservation on the website, the driver can secure a parking space at his or her destination. With this service, a landowner can lease out a parking space even for just one car or motorcycle, and only while the space is not occupied.

  • Park & Charge

    Park & Charge is a service to charge electric vehicles provided at Times parking facilities.

  • Traffic IC Park & Ride Service

    Using this service, users of Times parking automatically receive a preferential fee according to their public transportation use, simply by holding their Traffic IC Card over the fare machine when parking.

    The term “park & ride” means parking a vehicle in a parking space near a train station (“park”) and transferring to a train or bus (“ride”) to alleviate traffic jams and improve the environment in high-traffic areas.

  • Times Station

    Times Station is a parking building owned by the Park24 Group that is designed to offer multiple Times-branded services.

  • Parking Information(Times parking search)

    This is a general search site where users can search Times parking facilities across the country from their PC or mobile phone. Users can also set conditions for their search, such as “maximum fee applies” or “electronic money accepted.”

Mobility Service

  • Times CAR RENTAL

    Car rental service developed by Park 24 Group.

  • Times CAR

    This car sharing service allows users to select cars across the country from "Times CAR" for a minimum of 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, simply by registering for membership.

  • RENTAL e Ticket

    Complementary electronic tickets can be used for Times Car Rental. Points accumulated with Times Club Cards can be used for Times Car Rental fees when making reservations by following the procedures for converting points into RENTAL e Tickets on the Times Club website.

  • CAR SHARE e Ticket

    Complementary electronic tickets can be used for Times CAR. Points accumulated with Times Club Cards can be used for Times CAR fees when making reservations by following the procedures for converting points into CAR SHARE e Tickets on the Times Club website.

Member Services

  • Times Club

    Times Club is a membership service with no entry or yearly membership fees. Members can earn points by using services provided by the Park24 Group such as Times Parking, Times CAR RENTAL and Times CAR. Members can then exchange their accumulated points for service usage tickets, goods and other benefits. Additionally, members can take advantage of special deals at a range of affiliated facilities around Japan such as leisure destinations and hotels by presenting their Times Club Card.

  • Times Business Card

    Corporate-specific card offered by the Park24 Group. The Times Business Card enables cashless payment at Times Parking locations. In addition, Times CAR RENTAL can be used at a special rate for corporate customers, while Times CAR is available without basic monthly fees.

Payment Service

  • Times Pay

    Times Pay is a credit and IC card payment service that is provided mainly in the service industry such as restaurants and retail outlets with the aim of revitalizing destination towns.
    Provides three types of devices required for settling - a card reader, mobile printer and tablet.


  • Road service

    Times Road Service quickly dispatches staff to the site of car trouble such as an accident or breakdown to provide various road services including emergency handling and vehicle transportation. Member and non-member services are provided.

  • Times Spa Resta

    Times Spa Resta is a hot bath facility operated on the 10th to 12th floors of Times Station Ikebukuro.

  • Tanoshii Machi (Joyful Town)

    This service places free papers bearing information about stores that provide Times Tickets. As signs of affiliated stores are placed inside Times parking facilities, they provide a strong advertising effect, which helps Times parking facilities share customers with these stores.

  • Times Ticket

    This is a parking service ticket that can be used in Times parking facilities across the country.
    Through Times Ticket, Times Parking partners with commercial facilities and other locations that lack parking facilities and provides services to facility users in the form of parking facility tickets.


    TONIC stands for Times Online Network & Information Center.
    TONIC provides unique system infrastructure for the Park24 Group. By connecting Times services across the country such as parking facilities and car sharing facilities with the information center online, TONIC attracts customers with its streamlined operation and management combined with enhanced customer services.

  • Parking Day

    Parking Day (August 9) is a commemorative day created in the hope that people will think about their traffic etiquette, recognizing the hazardous nature of roadside parking. Every year around August 9, the Group conducts educational activities aimed at eliminating on-street parking.