Handling of Antisocial Forces

PARK24 GROUP (the "GROUP") will take a firm stance against antisocial forces and have no relationships whatsoever with them.
In addition, it will ensure that products and services provided by the GROUP are not used for any types of financial crimes, money laundering or financial support for terrorist activities.

It specifies the following six initiatives as specific actions in the Guidebook for the GROUP Code of Conduct and makes it known, both internally and externally, that such actions shall apply to all officers and employees of PARK24 Co., Ltd. and its group companies (consolidated subsidiaries).

  1. The GROUP shall not have any relationships with antisocial forces.
  2. The GROUP shall not engage in provision of money or gifts (provision of benefits) to antisocial forces.
  3. The GROUP shall conduct an inspection if any of its clients or business partners are suspected to be antisocial forces.
  4. The GROUP shall include provisions with respect to exclusion of antisocial forces, if it concludes an agreement with any clients or business partners.
  5. The GROUP shall take a firm stance as an organization against any unreasonable requests.
  6. The GROUP shall be vigilant to ensure that there are no incomprehensible deposits or withdrawals such as those made by way of irrelevant countries or third parties.

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